Random Trump

Every so often I need to exorcise all the Trump-related madness swirling around in my brain.

1. Trump supporters say they love him because he tells the truth. What they mean is that he has no filters on saying whatever pops into his head, which is the characteristic of a crazy person, not a truth teller. The "truth" he is supposedly speaking is a mix of ignorance, provocation, self-love, prejudice, deceit, and ill will, with the occasional statement of common sense thrown in there to make everyone think there's hope.

2. The problem isn't that Trump is willing to meet with various dictators, authoritarians, and dubious "strong men" leaders. It's that he admires them.

3. Trump has only appeared happy twice since he took office. Once was when he got to sit in a big truck and act like he was driving it. The other was when Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent visited the White House. I rest my case.

4. Ivanka Trump has as much right to publish a vapid "feminist" leadership book as Sheryl Sandberg does, but that doesn't mean it's worth endlessly hashing it over in the media.

5. I used to think the US was so resilient that it could survive having a jackass in the White House. But Trump is no garden variety jackass. He's a jackass bent on discrediting or destroying the institutions and traditions of democracy. That's a whole 'nother thing.


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