Flight Magazine Doctors

Sorry for the radio silence here at Art & Argument. Went to the Midwest for a graduation. We flew United and no one was even hauled off by force, so that was good. But I do have some questions: Why do flight magazines always feature huge ads for doctors, especially plastic surgeons. Are my fellow travelers in United Economy so vain that they spend their airborne moments pondering their next enhancements? And why would anyone choose their surgeon based on a flight magazine ad? They also had ads for the "best doctors" in various cities. What makes a doctor the best? Are the other highly trained doctors in their city somehow inferior? Do the thousands of Ivy League doctors in NYC often inadvertently kill their patients? Do the "best" doctors possess some shamanic secret known only to their kind? The only thing I can see connecting all these doctors is that they are wearing very expensive suits and are excessively well groomed.


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