No Obligation Either Way

There is no article or book more tedious than those decrying the impact of new technology on young people in particular and society/culture in general. A new one gets published every week! Look, the introduction of the printed word dealt a real blow to the oral tradition thousands of years ago, which is in fact kind of sad, but civilization has buzzed along with the same old mix of beauty and atrocity since then. I don't think it's so bad if people sit around together and look at their phones. The various flavors of technology toothpaste aren't going back into the tube, and who am I to say what constitutes a rich inner or social life for young people, especially digital natives. Conversely, and ironically, we are constantly told that only the uncool (and old) would dare miss out on the amazing new apps and modes. Personally, I just don't prefer to listen to my music via Spotify. I'm pretty happy with the way I've been rolling. The upshot? One should feel under no obligation either to embrace or condemn technological advances.


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