This Week's Trump Dump

Everyone is excited about the choice of H. R. McMaster to replace the disastrous Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor. Sure it's good to have a smart, pragmatic, and accomplished person in that role instead of the corrupt, conspiracy-mongering Flynn. But before we get too excited, let's ask why Trump didn't just appoint McMaster in the first place. Answer: Because his instincts are horrible and he doesn't really know what he is doing. How else to explain that McMaster's main competition for the position was John Bolton. Yes, the belligerent, absurdly mustachioed ideologue John Bolton. In terms of fitness for the position, this is like saying you are casting a complex and intense family drama for film and your two top candidates for lead actor are Daniel Day-Lewis and Keanu Reeves. What?

UPDATE: 2-23-17
The most frightening thing I've heard from a US President in my lifetime is Trump's assertion that the press is the enemy of the American people. Apologists are saying, hey, it's just talk, settle down. Wrong. The worst mistake you can make when faced with a leader with dictatorial and autocratic ambitions is to not take them at their word. Trump is very consciously trying to destroy faith in journalism, the intelligence community, the judiciary, and the electoral system* (and for the most part, Republicans are just fine with this). This leaves him as the sole authority. So, for example, if or when the truth about Trump's compromised relationship with Russia ever comes out, his supporters will have been well primed to deny any indicting facts and clear constitutional violations. Informed skepticism is always in order, but that is not Trump's objective.

* Oh, and let's not forget science!


  1. Thank you, Mitch, and very well said. Regarding science, it is almost bathing suit weather in February in New England—that ain't right. I doubt we'll have peaches this year, either.


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