About Those Foreign Entanglements

Republicans in Congress know this to be true, but have chosen to look the other way. They know Trump is in violation of the Constitution, and have decided their agenda is more important than the integrity and legitimacy of our system of government. David Cole writes at the NYRB that:
The president of the United States is supposed to serve the American people, not himself, and certainly not the interests of foreign states. President Trump chose to seek this office, and this responsibility. He is trying to have it both ways, serving himself, his family, and his far-flung business interests while simultaneously making foreign and domestic policy decisions that will inevitably have direct effects on his personal holdings. That way lies scandal, corruption, and illegitimacy. Unfortunately, our forty-fifth president has deliberately chosen to undermine the interests of the people he represents in order to further the interests of the one person he cares about most.
I should add that when Trump commits our troops to war his decision will inevitably be colored by his allegiances to his overseas business interests, allegiances that remain secret. To say nothing of his troubling loyalty to Putin.


  1. Rosneft. Follow the money—and the bodies. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-russia-rosneft-privatisation-insight-idUSKBN1582OH


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