Poor Visibility

If we accept the premise that where there is smoke there is fire, then the atmospheric conditions around the Trump administration's relationships with Russia would seem to indicate a 30,000 acre Rocky Mountain conflagration. Yet Congressional Republicans tell us that there's nothing of concern there and that we should all just move along -- like good subservient commoners.


  1. The GOP is angling to reduce us to serfdom and then lead us to our ultimate annihilation, and given that religion is the opium of the masses, the way is paved with Born-Agains. They welcome suffering (one must assume, based on their voting record), and their belief in the R (sorry, s/b little r) rapture will prevent them from inserting so much as a word of caution between Trump's small, jabbing finger and the keypad for the nuclear codes. Alleluia? Not so fast! They'll be getting a short, sharp shock at the Pearly Gates, and the thought of that makes me howl with glee.


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