Self Improvement and Me

Chatting with my wife and nephew last weekend, I made reference to things I learned from my yoga practice. This was met with raised eyebrows. You don't strike me as the yoga type offered my nephew. Hey, I responded, I did yoga for six months something like fifteen years ago! But the truth can no longer be denied: I guess I'm not the self improvement type. I mean, I love the idea of self improvement, but I never quite seem to get around to it.

Well, I guess there is one area of improvement that I try to practice, and that's to become more open-minded and less judgmental as advance into my AARP years. This is something completely within my control and there's no excuse for not doing it. I should add: less judgmental toward others but also myself. At the same time I want to become more discerning about what beliefs and actions appear to me best suited for the happiness and well-being of myself and others -- understood in the broadest sense. So it's not just a matter of accepting everything, a stance of whatever. Above all it's a balancing act (as when I watch the news and thoughts of, yes, hatred enter my mind, thus precipitating a channel change to HGTV). Getting the balance right is what it's all about. And there's no time when that balance isn't in question.


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