At Home In the Natural World

A big point for E. O. Wilson is that we lose a lot if we spend no time in nature, and that we would be wise to set aside -- now -- as much natural conservation land as possible. A lot. More than we could imagine being a lot. We are happy in nature, because we are at home in the natural world. We have evolved to be a part of it, says Wilson. I define nature as that not made by man, not made by human hands. Sure, there is nowhere on earth not impacted at least somewhat by man. This is why they call this era the Anthropocene. However, just because even a national forest has some human imprint, doesn't mean it's completely man made, like a mall. Emerson said that in nature we are returned to reason and faith. Why? Because nature isn't neurotic, or petty, or deceitful. Nature shows that at base existence is correct and good. Nature can be violent but it's not malicious. New generations are becoming at home in the cyber world. While it isn't controlled by anyone in particular, it is still fully human, and therefore smaller than the world that existed before humans even knew themselves as such.


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