Crazy Talk

Trump is supposed to be the unserious Republican, yet he bats a higher percentage of getting things right than the quote-unquote serious candidates. I would venture that Trump out-performs a stopped clock, which, as we know, is correct twice a day. The other candidates have simply smashed the clock to bits. What does it mean when the "serious" candidate insists there is nothing we could or should do to minimize destructive climate change? Or that somehow Obama "lost" Iraq and W "kept us safe"? Or that Kim Davis is the new Rosa Parks? Aside from Trump and sometimes Rand Paul, all 19 (14? 15?) Republican candidates are slaves to party orthodoxy, which is why Trump, ironically, is the most reasonable Republican option. What about the other "outsider" candidate, Ben Carson? The dude is calm and soft-spoken, yes, with a successful medical career. But he's actually a bigger narcissist than Trump ("I need Secret Service because I'm an existential threat to secular liberals"). And I know that no one says batshit crazy anymore, but Carson is batshit crazy (examples too numerous to cite here).


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