Sam Shepard: From the Opening of "San Juan Bautista (Highway 152)"

John now is talking nonstop and has been for the last two hours. Part of the reason I wanted to stop and make this call was just to get out of the car and away from his ranting, but here he is, still carrying on. Now it's about Ansel Adams and his light meter techniques. As though I give a shit. Just running off at the mouth about apertures and stops, regardless of the immediate situation; that fact that we've stopped the car now and we're out in the light of day in this bright town and something new might be just around the corner. He just keeps right on yakking about Ansel Adams. I, myself, was never a huge Ansel Adams fan if you want to know the truth. Too precious about the landscape for my taste. I mean, I respect the landscape as much as the next guy, don't get me wrong, but I'm not going down on my hands and knees to it. I'm more into faces -- people; Robert Frank, Douglas Kent Hall, guys like that, but John, he can't stop gushing.


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