P-Town Dreaming with Karen Cappotto

We're stoked to be finally getting out to P-town! As you might recall, our friend Judith Trepp is in a group show now at the excellent Art Market Provincetown gallery. Also showing with Judith are the sculptors Pasquale Natale and Susan Bernstein and the painter/mixed media artist Karen Cappotto. There is no more iconic P-town image than Captain Jack's Wharf, the idiosyncratic jumble of apartments that extends into the harbor in the West End where Tennessee Williams lived and worked for a while. Here's Cappotto's take on it. I like works like this that have a lot of texture, and which occupy that in-between space merging abstraction and representation. Come to think of it, in-between spaces of all sorts are always the best. That's where the action is. We used to stay next door to Captain Jack's, and our pug Dexter became friends with the pug Henry who belonged to the manager of the complex. No better memories than that. But the future calls. P-town here we come!


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