Serenity Now!

Well, I'm back online here at Art & Argument after a technical glitch with Blogger left me sidelined for a few days. So what can I report about what's transpired this week? I can report that my affirmation (below) to "think about art not politics" was about as effective as when Seinfeld's Frank Costanza would bellow SERENITY NOW! in a futile effort to keep his blood pressure from rising. Did I think about Trump? Yes, I thought about Trump.

What I thought about was how Republicans are crying hypocrisy about the outrage over Trump's sexual assault pattern because Bill Clinton was, in their view, just as bad. But this misses the point. As far as this liberal is concerned I hardly needed to know about Trump's sordid sexual behavior to consider him unfit for office! He could be as upright in his private life as George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama are, and he still shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the White House. His fathomless ignorance, his blinding self-regard, his vellum-thin skin, his unhinged tweeting, his obsessive need to dominate, his reckless encouragement of racism and xenophobia, his disturbing trafficking in conspiracy theories, his authoritarian threats of jailing his opponent -- all these and more are enough for me. Of course many of these relate to why he is so screwed up personally.


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