False Equivalency Watch #1

Watching media coverage of Trump and Clinton in the wake of the horrific mass shooting in Orlando suggests that we are in for a long season of false equivalency. For example, the Boston Globe ran a story titled something like "Clinton and Trump Offer Differing Responses to Orlando Shootings." Well, yes their responses did "differ." One offered a cautious well-considered response that didn't thrill 2nd Amendment partisans but showed that in the wake of such violence it's wise to not jump to conclusions or overreact. The other candidate offered a steaming pile of garbage consisting of chunks and scraps of fawning self-regard, wretched, contemptible conspiracy innuendos aimed at the president, blatant lies about what one has said in the past and what is at stake, casual nods in the direction of crimes against humanity, and an incredible urge to oversimplify worthy of an eleven-year-old. Actually that's unfair to children. Nice "pivot" to a presidential temperament, Donald. It used to be that part of the time Trump was sort of funny. Not anymore.


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