Percy Fortini-Wright Cityscape

"Best Of" polls are silly, arbitrary, and preposterous. Especially when dealing with the arts. Yet I do love them so, and read every damn one that crosses my screen. The 2015 winner of "Best Boston Artist" in the local culture and entertainment weekly The Improper Bostonian is the awesomely-named Percy Fortini-Wright. I assume they selected him with implicit apologies to the hundreds of other Boston-area artists who are also great. I actually do like the piece they displayed very much, which I've nicked and posted here. Here's what they said:
Forget Banksy—we’ve got street-art talent aplenty right here in Boston. Case in point: 34-year-old graffiti artist and Art Institute of Boston instructor Percy Fortini-Wright, whose dreamlike cityscapes and otherworldly characters have popped up everywhere during the past year, from Liquid Art House and the Copley Society of Art to Art Basel Miami Beach. His unique style, which combines street art’s edge with calligraphy’s elegance, even scored him a spring collaboration with Adidas, which commissioned a series of paintings inspired by the Boston Marathon that were auctioned off to benefit the One Fund.


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