Photographer Harold Feinstein & the Way of Trust

Harold Feinstein, Blanket Toss, silver gelatin, 1955

The great American photographer Harold Feinstein departed this world last month. He got his start capturing the life force, the energy, of Coney Island in the '40s and 50s. At his website, his wife, Judith Thompson, shared a brief and beautiful tribute to her husband. Judith, who is a colleague of mine in the peace and dialogue field, and a fine person, tells us that Harold was in the habit of writing little poems on post-it notes, which she would find and keep. Here is one he created on June 16, four days before his death.
There is a 
note that
all others;
It is the note
you were not
listening for.
Trust it.
It will
leap from the
of ecstasy.


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