Truth & Beauty #5: Hubble Photos

Science writer Phil Plait has posted a bunch of the most stunning photos taken from the orbiting Hubble telescope over the last 25 years -- images Plait calls Hubble's "greatest hits." All the pics are really great, so please visit Slate for more. Here's what Plait says about the above:
Gaze upon that picture, let your eyes wander. With only a few exceptions, every single object in that field is an entire galaxy, a mighty collection of billions or hundreds of billions of stars! Thousands can be seen here, yet this patch of sky is so tiny you could easily cover it many times over with the tip of your pinky at arm’s length. The Universe is vast and terrifying and magnificent beyond our ability to properly express.
The previous Truth & Beauty entry featured an Audubon illustration from The Birds of America.

The first three installments of Truth & Beauty featured snowflake macro-photography, brainbows and dying stars.


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