Lee Morgan's "Ceora"

Yes, you like jazz, though you might not know it yet. Lee Morgan's "Ceora," from his 1965 Blue Note recording Cornbread, might convince you to wade in a little deeper into the big ocean that is jazz. I recommend a cut like "Ceora" as an entree, because it's very melodic and soothing and soulful, but the improvisation and performance aren't dumbed down or saccharine. In terms of whole albums, classic Blue Notes from the 50s and 60s are consistently accessible and adventurous in equal measure.

The personnel on Cornbread are: Lee Morgan (trumpet); Jackie McLean (alto sax); Hank Mobley (tenor sax); Herbie hancock (piano); Larry Ridley (bass); Billy Higgins (drums). Check out any recordings with any of these players and you'll be pleased.


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