Jeffrey Perkins: "Everything That Rises"

A cool poem from my friend Jeffrey Perkins. This one is a seamless mash-up of carnal concerns, cinematic references, and mortality ruminations. It reads offhandedly, but obviously was carefully crafted. Visit Jeff's Tumblr site to read more of his work.

At the end of the day, Z and I talk about sand:
how it took the house in Eternal Sunshine. How
the two boys eye each other in Bad Education.
Our crush on Gael Garcia Bernal. Z suggests,
“The Life You Save May Be Your Own.” I ask
about “Everything That Rises Must Converge.”
A tiny car parks outside. Death Trap, my dad
would have said. Z’s friends ask about Paris
without wanting to know. I propose Contempt.
So much hope at the start, a naked Bardot
in bed asking, “do you love my neck? my feet?”
She’s betrayed by the American. Goes silent.
She shouldn’t have to say anything, I think.
Z is stunning and lost in thought. I’m Jim Carrey
watching the sand begin its slow destruction.
This piece was published online at Melancholy Hyperbole.


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