My Advice If Those Laws Pass

Despite Jan Brewer's veto in Arizona, many states are hoping to implement laws protecting business owners' God-given rights to be, um, bigots. Many of these laws will pass, maybe some already have. My big question isn't about the Constitutionality of these laws, but rather how the whole thing will play out in practice. Specifically, I want to know how shop owners will know someone is gay or not gay.

I doubt many of these proprietors have finely-tuned "gaydar." But they still will have to rely on visual impressions, which could have harsh implications for the straight community. Let's say you are a heterosexual guy who works out a lot, in fact are ripped, and you favor a short haircut. Be prepared to be turned away. Or let's say you are a straight woman who drives a Subaru and are going to the dry cleaners. You better park out of sight, that's all I have to say.

Or the shop owner could engage a person in some "innocent" small talk -- about Cher if it's a guy, or, say, Kate Clinton if it's a woman. If the potential costumer perks up, eject them.

Now if two guys come in holding hands, my advice to shop owners is: Don't jump to any conclusions. They could be Arabs. With lots of spending money.


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