Misleading Money Trusims

1. Do what you love and the money will follow
It's not many people who make a living by pursuing their passion or "doing what they love."* More likely is to find a regular job, hopefully one for which you are reasonably well-suited and from which you derive some satisfaction**, and pursue your passions outside of work. A person could love sailing or drumming more than anything in the world and not make any money from it, nor would making money from it necessarily be a good thing. A more accurate statement is that you must pursue enthusiasms and passions somewhere in your life, and for as long as you live, if you are to live a happy life that also brings happiness to others.

2. Money can't buy happiness
It's true that if you are a miserable cuss and a self-entitled jerk no amount of money will change that. But it's also true that not having to worry about how you are going to pay your rent and your bills is a really wonderful thing, which lays the groundwork for all sorts of happiness. And it's definitely a source of happiness to be able to afford things like travel and going out to dinner and arts events with friends. When you do have money and security, though, it's crucial to maintain an attitude of gratitude. No one likes someone who thinks they're special because of their wealth, nor will you really like yourself in that case.

* And many who work in mission driven work often have a spouse who has a more money-oriented job.

** Even this is outside of possibility for most workers around the world.


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