The Success Cube

Have you heard of the success cube? It's a way of gauging in a more holistic sense the value of one's endeavors and achievements.
  • The height is the amount of successes
  • The width is the variety of successes
  • The depth is how much we we enjoy them
You could easily imagine a person with many successes in their field, be it business, sports, or even art. But if they have lives that are otherwise empty and they are miserable to boot, you have a cube that is more like a vertical stick. Someone who excels in just the first two has a wall that could be blown down in the wind.

Reflecting on the success cube enables us to see in ways often not acknowledged by the wider, less imaginative culture what we have actually accomplished in our lives. This model puts friendship and family and other hard-to-quantify modes of being on equal footing with more the predictable money-oriented modes celebrated in our popular media.

Try the cube today! You'll feel better about yourself but also be more motivated to create a nicely proportioned cube, one that's rock solid and looks good from every angle.


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