Walter White's Modes of Mendacity

Is it too late to weigh in on "Breaking Bad"? No? Well, here goes. For me the most amazing thing about Bryan Cranston's performance and the character of Walter White is the breathtaking facility with lying. Walt spends easily half his time deceiving people, in wondrous, virtuosic ways. Some examples:

1. In the most recent episode, Walt lies to Jesse's ex-girlfriend by working in the mode of fatherly concern and bewilderment, with a pinch of powerlessness tossed in.

2. In his blackmail video, Walt sends victimhood to new depths, even breaking into a flood of tears at the end, pondering how his evil brother-in-law could abuse his family that way.

3. Early in the season, in a conversation with Jesse, he performed one of his best variations, namely the incredulous, how-could-you-even-think-that-of-me soliloquy. It goes something like this. "Jesse. Jesse! Jesse, look at me. Look at me. I. did. not. kill. Mike. That's crazy! How could you even imagine such a thing? You know Mike. He can take care of himself."

There are a number of Supercuts out there featuring themes from the show: Jesse going 'yo' or 'bitch.' Walt dressing Jesse down. What I want to see is a Supercut of all Walt's modes of mendacity.


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