Following the Lead of Dr. Johnny Fever

In a great episode of "WKRP in Cincinnati," the radio station is in danger of being shut down. When the DJ Johnny Fever is told he might lose his job, he responds, "But who will tell the children about Bo Diddley?" That's a good question and I know how he feels. Often, when I consider the awesome responsibility inherent in creating this blog, I ask myself, "What shall I tell the children?"

And then my mind starts racing. Get to know the music of John Prine? Hike the Maroon Bells? Read Alan Watts? Watch all of "Eyes on the Prize"? Walk Commercial Street in Provincetown? Download Coltrane's "A Love Supreme"?

All good stuff, but most of all, trust yourself. And if none of the above appeal to you, find those things that do, and pursue them with your whole being.


  1. Thanks, Deborah! I knew the WKRP reference would date me horribly, but what the hell.


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