Chauncey Trump

You heard it hear first: Donald Trump is Chauncey Gardiner. Various pundits, apologists, and supporters read into him what they want. When he issues a bizarre four-in-the-morning tweet that's because he and Bannon are playing 4D chess. When health care reform goes south he is the misunderstood visionary who "left everything on the field" but somehow was let down by Congress. When he manages to make sounds criticizing antisemitism or racism he has pivoted to becoming a champion of human rights. When he successfully reads a speech from a teleprompter or bombs a country he's presidential.

UPDATE: 4-14-17
Okay, I just spotted my first Chauncey Gardiner reference out there in the larger media universe. It's in Andrew Sullivan's weekly Friday column at New York Magazine. This makes sense, since I enjoy Sullivan's writing, unlike many of my fellow liberals I should add.


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