Thank You Obamas, Plus a Reading List

I loved President Obama and the way he and Michelle represented our country. When I saw them in action I was proud. They represented so much of what I value, and it was a distinct pleasure for me to watch their form of leadership. To say that Republicans disagreed is an understatement. They despised the Obamas with a fury that was and is still shocking to me. It just shows that reality is pretty subjective. As they have proclaimed for years, they prefer a leader in the mold of Putin. So now we have our bargain basement version in the person of Trump, which fills me with shame when I think that he represents us. So the shoe's on the other foot now -- and it pinches my toes severely and my heel comes up when I walk. And to add insult to injury, I hate the way it looks.

I'm trying to not read obsessively over this turn of events. But here are some pieces well worth your time.

1. The best piece on Obama, race, and American culture that I have encountered is by Ta Nehisi Coates, writing at the Atlantic. Truly a superb essay. It's called "My President Was Black."

2. Extremely interesting interview with Noam Chomsky at Truthout.

3. For foreign policy analysis I read Daniel Larison at the American Conservative on a regular basis. Bush-Cheney Part II anyone?


  1. Thank you for these links and I agree. I continue to be outraged and disgusted daily by Trump news. My President Obama has created Camelot from ashes. I have been so proud to have the Obamas in our White House. After 8 very dark Bush years, it is an administration to be proud of. I vow not to be silent during the next four years. I will speak out against anti-American values and hope and pray that Trump isn't another George the Second. Hope springs eternal but I'm worried.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Sarah. I'm trying to find a balance between practicing equanimity, which is always a good choice, and resistance to a new political regime which in my view has a long way to go to make any claims to legitimacy.


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