On the 4th: Harding on American Potential

I'm convinced that immigration is the key factor in America's success to date, the source of our dreams and determination. And, despite the problems with immigration today, it will remain the source of our power in the future. As we move forward we should keep in mind this assessment from the late historian and human rights giant Vincent Harding:
"Let me say this with a slight bit of humor as well as something deeper: It's a way of testing the wisdom of God for making such a strange variety of beings, giving them the capacities that we have, and telling them to get together and figure out how to live together, how to love one another, how to share, and how to bless one another and bless this world. I think of this as a reflection on America's potential."
Put another way: The greater the range of differences that needs to be negotiated, the greater the potential for growth.


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