Product Placement

1. Yesterday I went to Papyrus to buy an overpriced card. I needed a sympathy card, and I had a heck of a time finding them -- until there they were, at the bottom of an obscure rack near the back of the store. When I squatted down to peruse them, I saw they were positioned just above the retirement cards. I get that.

2. My two subjects in graduate school were education and theological studies. At the giant Barnes & Noble in Harvard Square (known locally as the Harvard Coop), those two categories are displayed at the very back of the third floor, the farthest possible distance from the store entry. I guess I don't have my finger on the pulse of things.

3. Why do I hate drug stores? Well, first of all, because every one of them looks exactly the same, everywhere in the US -- even when they change ownership. One month it's a Rite Aid, the next a Walgreens, and nothing changes. But mostly it's because to get the stuff you want like Advil and travel size toiletries they make you walk past all the stuff you don't want, like shampoo, magazines, and junk food.


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