We saw Spotlight yesterday -- at the theater, something we don't do nearly enough since getting a pretty good home viewing system and getting hooked on all those high-end television shows. I have to say, the viewing experience was more engaging and immersive: there is a difference. As for the film itself: 4 stars, easily. The director, Tom McCarthy, kept every thread of the investigation (into the Catholic Church's complicity in the atrocity of priest sex abuse) comprehensible and zipping right along. Truly riveting, even though we know the outcome, or perhaps because we already know the outcome.

The ensemble of A-list actors really nailed it, too. Maybe Mark Ruffalo's Mike Rezendes will be singled out for acclaim because his character is the most visibly passionate about the case. Michael Keaton's Walter "Robbie" Robinson was also very good, especially in the way Keaton portrayed the dawning realization that he and the Boston Globe had also been complicit in avoiding the truth of the sex abuse story, having years before buried stories, which, if pursued adequately, might have brought us to the truth sooner. This was an important part of the film's message. Crucial stories and issues can be introduced only to slip away if the truth is something we don't want to or are scared to own.


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