Thomas Struth Photos: People at Museums


UPDATED: 11-14-15. Ray Davies has a song called "Art Lover" (or something like that) wherein the main character goes to art museums mostly for the opportunity to scope out chicks. That's not what Thomas Struth is up to. I'm reminded of some Gursky photos where random arrangements of figures seen from a distance seem to take on the character of composition. First, with these images, it's cool how the "actual" humans and the sculpted and painted humans become coequal. But what I really like is that the arrangements of people are random and not random. After all, the people are arranging themselves in response to hangings and sculptures that were meticulously placed. And then they arrange themselves according to which works are most instinctively attractive to viewers. And there's always the matter of making a viewing strategy that takes into account your tolerance for crowds. No one is controlling the people per se but there most certainly are conditions and parameters in place.


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