The Art of Charles Pollack

A few weeks ago I was talking with some friends who are classical musicians. They said that some of J. S. Bach's relatives were actually very fine composers, with many works well worth performing and listening to. They are just overshadowed by Johann Sebastian's unmatchable, epochal genius. Now I see that Jackson Pollock's older brother Charles was a fine painter himself. At least I knew about the other Bachs; I had never even heard about Charles. He's in the news because of a big retrospective happening now at the Guggenheim New York. His works look to be classical abstractions, with some pieces edging into color field. They tend to be large, three or four feet high or wide. I'd love to see some in person. One story I read noted that Charles was in some ways the superior painter, but never made a huge psycho-aesthetic breakthrough like Jackson did. Here's the Charles Pollock website.


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