Judith Trepp Paintings and Drawings

All painting is a matter of knowing when to keep going and when to quit. The minimalist has the wisdom to quit sooner than later and the nerve to believe that a piece can be powerful without a profusion of information. The minimalist says, this is it, this is what I am saying, and I believe that this simple statement will blossom with meaning and feeling for many, many years. I first encountered Judith Trepp's work in a solo show at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum several years ago. That show featured elegant calligraphic works like the one second from the bottom here. It made a big impression on me. The two types of pieces shown here are nearly inverses of each other, with one featuring much "blank" or neutral space and the other, none. But they both share clarity and strong intent. (View new post on Trepp's work here.)


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