Friday, October 24, 2014

John Marin: Forever Fresh


John Marin, Deer Isle, 1921, Watercolor and charcoal, 14" x 17"

John Marin is one of the great New England artists. His work is sketchy but never indistinct. Similarly, he communicates power even when using watercolor. On the other hand, his oils weren't ponderous. The offhanded feeling (no doubt quite consciously achieved) keeps his works ever fresh and alive, kind of like jazz. Why did I post Marin? Well, I felt it was time for more images on the site after a couple wordy pieces. Then I scanned my memory, asking: Who do I like whenever I go to an art museum? Answer: John Marin!

Marin, Mark Island and Light from Deer Isle, watercolor, crayon, graphite, approx. 14" x 17"

John Marin, Bathers, 1932, oil on canvas, 22" x 28"

John Marin, White Mountains, NH, 1924, watercolor and charcoal, 13" x 18.5"

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