Robert Janz: Going Back, Way Back


The artist at work in lower Manhattan, 2014

When in doubt, do a Robert Janz post. That is my blogger's creed! Wait, I said that last week about El Greco. But that's OK. The words ring true in both cases; one does not negate the other. El Greco was Christian mystic of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Robert is a modern day medium, summoning forth the vision of the artists who expressed themselves in the caves and on the mountain sides of Europe, thousands of years before El Greco came along. Robert says he is a practitioner of "glyffiti." He works on construction walls that have already been postered, flyered, or otherwise marked upon. His paintings complement, comment upon, or tweak what's already there. In all cases, it is understood the the images could be painted over at any time. This image of Robert at work is from the Dusty Rebel, a website dedicated to documenting street art.

Go to Robert's Janzwork website for much more of his ephemeral art.


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