The Reverse Bucket List

As one ages, it's more helpful to develop what I call "a reverse bucket list" than a bucket list proper. Instead of saying, "I must go on an African safari," it's more uplifting to say, "I will never go on an African safari, or at the very least will very probably not, and I'm cool with that."

I'm not arguing for passivity, but rather for the realization that there is so much that is potentially incredible to do in this world, you're never going to do 99.9 percent of it, so don't hold hypothetical possibilities out there as judges of your actual lived experience. Neither am I arguing for self-satisfied old-fartdom, but I do acknowledge that the old farts, happy in their old-fartedness, may be on to something.

At a certain point, or maybe at any point, saying "not going to happen" is a positive affirmation. For many this is self-evident, but I'm one of those attracted by the church of human potential and possibility. In my case a little bit of negative thinking can be a needed corrective. But fear not, I shall remain young in spirit and full of anticipation for the great things to come.

Now if only the AARP would just stop trying to recruit me.


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