Against Tanking

I'm completing my first full calendar year of blogging, and I figured I should at least do one post about sports, especially since I spend a lot of time (too much time my wife might argue) following Boston's pro sports teams. My favorite is the Celtics, and I even enjoying watching them in this rebuilding year following the trading of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn.

The Cs are a rapidly improving team, and I've got no use at all for those who think we should tank in order to obtain a highly coveted draft pick. First of all, you can tank and not even get the first one or two picks. And all you've done in the process is teach your guys how to be losers. This bodes ill for the future of the franchise. Plus, when your guys fight hard and improve they have much higher value on the trading market. Finally, our new coach, Brad Stevens, is much too talented to squander his gifts on a tanking team.


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