Robert Janz: AKA Glyffiti Man

My wife and I are honored to be friends with the great artist of witty, ephemeral, and poetic paintings and objects, Robert Janz. After a visit to his Tribeca studio over the weekend, I wanted to share a bit about him with you. Robert came up in the Pacific Coast Beat movement of the 1950s, noted for its embrace of Eastern philosophies, and his work reflects the Buddhist sensibility of impermanence as well as any I have seen. His work also celebrates the imagery of petroglyphs. If wall and rock paintings are among the very first artistic creations, this means that all art, at its heart, is a kind of graffiti, says Robert.

As luck, serendipity, or John Cage might have it, as I am writing this entry Robert just sent this link, updating us on his work up at Penn Station.

Here's a great blog feature on Robert's work, which can be seen all over Manhattan.

Here's another.


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