Quick Trump Dump

Some final (for now) Trump thoughts. Then back to celebrating the arts!

1. Polling showed that most Republican voters believed Hillary was more qualified, had a better temperament, and cared more about working people, but they believed Trump would bring "change" so they voted for him. How's this for change? Trump's top advisors are Rudy Guiliani, Newt Gingrich, and Chris Christie. How fresh! Oh, and his "anti-Wall Street" candidate for Treasury is Wall Street titan Jamie Dimon.

2. But didn't he express heterodox positions such as a repudiation of the Iraq War? Let's unpack this one. Trump knew which way the wind was blowing and since he wasn't part of the Republican establishment he didn't have to defend the tragedy of that horrible war. So what does he do when elected? He looks to guys like John Bolton to serve as Secretary of State. John Bolton! The most extreme neocon of them all and co-architect and chief booster of the Iraq War. The question here is whether Trump is pulling a bait and switch. I don't think so. That would require Trump to know what he is doing. I just he is too ignorant to know he is contradicting himself. But I do think his heart is with the neocons.

3. Wanting change is one thing, but willfully seeking the support of and encouraging racists is another. It will never be acceptable that the Republicans nominated, elected, and endorsed to lead our country a man willing to legitimize racism and xenophobia. Trump and the Republicans owe us a repudiation and an apology, but what are the chances of that?

4. Along with "Build that wall," the main rallying cry of Trump's campaign was "Lock her up." If that happens it will be the end of the American experiment in democracy, and the country won't survive it. Thus far Trump has given no indication that he won't pursue the imprisonment, and the Republican Congress has reconfirmed they will follow through on this. Their calls for unity ring hollow.

There's so much more that needs to be said, but I'll wrap it up here, and try with all my might to keep alive my love for the better parts of life.


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