Enough Is Enough

I really don't know who reads this blog, but I hope readership includes self-identified Republicans. I want to say something about Trump, and I'll keep it brief. Whatever one might think about Trump's virtues (which are evident to his supporters if not to me), it is undeniable that he has made racism, xenophobia, and antisemitism more acceptable in our country. I know what political correctness is -- I live in Massachusetts after all -- and I'll say that to be concerned about this is not a matter of being politically correct or overly touchy. For this reason alone Trump should not be allowed anywhere near the White House. But he doesn't believe that stuff he says, argue some supporters! Well toying with racism is dangerous and unforgivable. And what does it mean that he is willing to use racism as a tool to promote himself? What does that say about a person? So, if you haven't been to the polls yet, please don't vote for Trump.


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